She’s well-known in the Augusta-area, but now this Augusta realtor goes viral sharing her story.

Perhaps you’ve seen those giant black billboards with nothing but a single large, white “V” on them.  Venus Morris Griffin is a local realtor, and an overcomer.

Griffin’s story has recently gone viral on Humans of New York’s page.  Through 13 posts, Griffin shares her love story.  Falling in love with Tripp Morris, getting married, building a family, then suddenly her dream became a nightmare.

She points out the how she loved him, and it seems everyone did.  He was a “great man” to many people.  But that same man was living a double life.  Griffin’s story ends with Tripp in prison, and her journey to rebuilding and rising from the dust of a broken marriage.

Through the posts, Venus talks about early times in her marriage, then leads up to learning about his double life.  Later on, Tripp would be found guilty on many charges, including child molestation.  He is currently serving 45 years in prison for the charges.

Venus Morris Griffin is an amazing inspiration for women everywhere.  Her posts have gone viral with thousands of comments, shares and likes.

She took a terrible tragedy and made a beautiful life for her and her family.

See the posts below: