The 2022 wedding season is in full swing.  And after 2 years of a pandemic, it’s projected to be the biggest wedding season in 40 years. Sounds like a great time to tie the knot, right?  Maybe. But it turns out, Augusta is not the best city for marriage.  Read on for the details!

Marriage is Hard

There’s no denying that marriage can be hard.  It takes a lot of work, from both partners, to make the relationship last. There will always be highs and lows in any relationship.  But, LawnStarter took it upon themselves to see which cities have the highest chances of marital bliss.

Cities for Marital Bliss

Yes, that’s right.  Certain cities seem to be better for the longevity of marriages! So, what cities should you consider settling down in with your significant other?  And what factors should you look at when choosing a new city?

LawnStarter has ranked 2022’s Best Cities to Get (and Stay) Married.  The looked at 190 of the biggest cities across 9 key indicators.  These indicators include marriage rates, 5-year divorce rate comparison, wedding venue access and more.

Not Great News for Augusta

Unfortunately for Augusta, we’re not the best city for marriage.  By a LONG shot! In fact, Augusta ranked at 189… out of 190! Augusta ranked very low on all of the categories, especially marriage stability and wedding friendliness.  However, Atlanta made it into the top 10 best cities!

Other Surprising Findings

Honestly, we’re a bit surprised at California being a top ranked state, with 11 cities ranking in the top 20 best! And Alabama… ironically nicknamed the “Heart of Dixie” was the very last on the list, coming in as the worst state for getting and staying married!

Another fun fact learned from LawnStarter research? In Colorado, your dog can serve as a witness for your nuptials, but martial success in the state is only mediocre.

For the research, the key indicators were categorized into 4 core metrics: 

  • Stability- marriage and divorce rates
  • Potential- never-married young population rate, and 5 year change in that number from 2015-2020
  • Intervention – relationship therapists per 10,000 married households
  • Wedding-Friendliness- outdoor wedding-friendliness and indoor wedding venues per 100,000 residents.

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First we’ll look at the best… and then the worst cities for marriage.

  • Top 10 Best Cities to Get (and Stay) Married

  • 10. Naperville, Illinois

  • 9. Washington, DC

  • 8. Atlanta, Georgia

  • 7. St. Louis, Missouri

  • 6. Newark, New Jersey

  • 5. Orlando, Florida

  • 4. Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • 3. Fullerton, California

  • 2. Pasadena, California

  • 1. Bellevue, Washington

  • Top 10 Worst Cities to Get (and Stay) Married

    Ranked from best to worst (181-190 out of 190).

  • 10. North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 9. Toledo, Ohio

  • 8. Hialeah, Florida

  • 7. Killeen, Texas

  • 6. El Paso, Texas

  • 5. Fayetteville, North Carolina

  • 4. San Antonio, Texas

  • 3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • 2. Augusta, Georgia

  • 190. Montgomery, Alabama

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