Laws are put into place for a reason.  They are there to keep the peace and to keep the citizens safe, right? The United States has laws in place.  And each state has laws.  But not only that, each county can make its own laws too. Some of the laws you don’t even have to think too deeply about, you just know they are there.  Like obeying the speed limit and traffic laws, the legal drinking age, not stealing, etc. But there are some Georgia laws that seem too crazy to be true!

There’s a website called Only In Your State.  They compile various articles and facts about each state.  And when it comes to crazy laws in Georgia, we have quite a few… in fact, the website has 2 different articles about them! Of course, Georgia isn’t the only state with crazy laws, but that’s what we’re looking at today!

Now, there isn’t a lot of backstory on these laws and where they originated, at least not on this website. And chances are, you wouldn’t be prosecuted for most of these.  Which would make sense, because these are so random and out there, who would even think about it breaking the law!

So let’s dive into these crazy laws!

  • Donkey In A Bathtub

    Yes, at some point it became illegal to keep a donkey in a bathtub.  And even though it seems far-fetched, they actually have reasoning behind this one.  Back in 1924, a farmer in Arizona let his donkey sleep in an old bathtub.  But when a dam burst and flooded the town, the donkey floated downstream.  The donkey was saved, but it took time and effort… so after that, several states passed laws about donkeys in bathtubs.


    Photo: Getty Images

  • Ice Cream Cones on Sunday

    Well, in Georgia, you can’t carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday. Crazy, right?  Who would even think to put an ice cream cone in their back pocket any day of the week? But apparently this comes from horse thieves who put ice cream cones in their back pockets to lure horses away.

    Ice cream cones

    Photo: Getty Images

  • You Must Own A Rake

    If you live in Acworth, you have to own a rake. This one came about when Kennesaw passed a law in 1982 where all citizens had to own a gun. Perhaps to prove a point, Acworth soon passed their law about citizens owning rakes…


    Photo: Getty Images

  • Spitting

    If you’re in a vehicle in Marietta, be careful if you need to spit.  It’s illegal to spit from a car or bus. But no worries in you’re spitting from a truck– that’s not illegal.

    pick up truck

    Photo: Getty Images

  • Privacy for Mannequins?

    If you work in retail, watch out when you’re changing up your mannequins! It’s illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down.

    storefront mannequins

    Photo: Getty Images

  • Watch Your Language

    When attending a funeral, watch what you say.  It’s apparently illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body that lies in a funeral home or in a coroner’s office.

    funeral home casket

    Photo: Getty Images

  • Don't Say "Oh Boy"

    In Jonesboro, it’s illegal to say “Oh Boy.” Not sure if this means in any form or fashion… or if it’s just when you’re angry.  Although we can think of a lot worse things than “Oh Boy!”


    Photo: Getty Images

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