UNITED STATES - JANUARY 11: Actor Adam Sandler competes in the fourth annual First Hawaiian Bank's Pro-Junior Golf Challenge at Waialae Country Club January 11, a kick-off event for the 2005 Sony Open. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Adam Sandler hit movie “Happy Gilmore” is getting a sequel, nearly 30 years after the original. The news was first leaked by Christopher McDonald, who played “Shooter McGavin,” Happy’s nemesis in the 1996 film. Which, might I add, is one of the absolute best golfer names, ever, even if it is fictional.

Christopher, who, from this point forward, I will only refer to as his awesome fake-golfer-movie-villain name, Shooter, revealed the information while appearing on The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima. Adam Sandler, himself, confirmed this news recently on an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

I’m excited to catch up with the characters from the first “Happy Gilmore,” which is rumored to include Tiger Woods as the late Chubb Peterson’s son. Are Happy and Virginia Venet still a thing? Did he ever try out for hockey again? Did Mr. Larson ever get the nails removed from his head?

While there’s no timeline set for the release of the movie, we do know that it will be a Netflix release, as Sandler signed a production deal with Netflix back in 2014, with an extension in 2017 and 2020. His 4 Netflix films last year made him Hollywood’s top earner for 2023 with a salary of $73 million.

He starred in 2023’s “Murder Mystery 2” with Jennifer Anniston. He also starred in “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” with his wife, Jackie Sandler (who makes an appearance in all of Adam’s films) and his daughters, Sadie and Sunny. He provided the voice for the title character Leo in an animated film and he co-produced the action comedy “The Out-Laws.”

With the news of the sequel which, I’m sure any fan of the original will be excited about, I figured we’d take a look at some others.

Here Are 5 Other Movies That Deserve A Sequel

  • Possible Sequel #1: “We’re The Millers” 2013

    This one stars Jason Sudekis at his snarky best paired with Jennifer Anniston who was very funny as a stripper posing as a mom to Sudekis’s “dad” as they travel to Mexico to mule an R.V. full of weed over the border to the U.S.

    This movie sets up for a sequel perfectly as the “Millers” were sent to witness protection. We see them meeting their neighbors at the end and the camera pans to some marijuana plants growing in the yard.

    My proposed synopsis: The Mexican drug cartel finds out where they live and set out to do drug cartel like things to them, Scotty P makes an appearance as the carnival makes a trip to their new city, hilarity ensues. No Ragrets.

  • Possible Sequel #2: “Role Models” 2008

    This is one of my all-time favorite movies. So, it’s a little self-serving. Paul Rudd and Sean Williams Scott make for a very funny comedy duo. Although, it’s no surprise. Paul and Sean are often the funniest guys in their respective movies.

    “Danny” and “Wheeler” are assigned community service at a ‘Big Brother’ type program. Before eventually putting their selfish needs aside and helping the kids, they teach the kids about.. well, nothing, in Danny’s case. But, Wheeler teaches his “little” about the female anatomy, the side effects of drugs and the sexual nature of Kiss music.

    My proposed synopsis: The kids they mentored are older, get into a little trouble and, as punishment, have to do community service at a rehab clinic where, guess who is there trying to shake their addiction to the “Minotaur” energy drink. Hilarity ensues.

  • Possible Sequel #3: “True Lies” 1994

    This one seemed like a no-brainer. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis starred as a boring married couple until she finds out her husband is a long-time secret agent. This was a fun-filled action movie starring two massive stars of the 90’s.

    My proposed synopsis: Easy. Arnold doing his big action star thing and Jamie Lee Curtis being the sexy, quirky, bad ass wife turned secret agent. Classic storyline. This one should have been obvious.

  • Possible Sequel #4: “Goonies” 1985

    This movie is a Gen X favorite. A group of kids, looking after themselves (as Gen Xers did), go on an exciting treasure hunt while being chased by a murderous crime family. They find the treasure, escape the Fratellis and save their neighborhood.

    My proposed synopsis: The Goonies are older, with their own kids who, you guessed it, find a treasure map and go on an adventure of their own. This one, also, should be easy. My generation would eat it up.

    Side note: Did you know that Jeff Cohen (“Chunk”) is a lawyer now? I wonder it he ever does the “truffle shuffle” in court.

  • Possible Sequel #5: “Bridesmaids” 2011

    Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendy McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper absolutely kill in this movie! Maya Rudolph’s “Lillian” is getting married and Kristen Wiig’s “Annie” tries to plan her bff’s bachelorette things as she is battling a low point in her life and jealousy over Lillian’s new life.

    My proposed synopsis: Rose Byrne’s “Helen” is getting a divorce from her rich husband and has to let go of her wealthy life. She turns to Annie, who is still relatably struggling financially and still wants nothing to do with her and, you guessed it, hilarity ensues.


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