Maybe it’s a bonus at work, you win it with the lottery, or even win by listening to your favorite radio station, we can bet you have some ideas of how you could spend $1000 in Augusta.  Right?

There are so many things you could do with some extra cash.  Because, let’s face it, life is expensive.  But let’s just say that this extra $1,000 doesn’t have to be spent on the necessities.  That’s right.  You don’t have to use it for gas, groceries, or bills.  This $1000 is just for you.

Imagine the possibilities.  How would you spend it?  Would you keep it to yourself and buy yourself some new clothes or a day of pampering at the spa? Maybe you want to take your family out for the weekend or even just a day of fun.  Or maybe you’d want to give back to your community. We would never tell you how to spend it.  But we’re here to help generate some fun ideas!

And, of course, there’s always the option to save it.  But for today… we’re going to say you HAVE to spend your $1,000.  It doesn’t have to be on just ONE thing.  And it doesn’t have to all be on one day or one activity.

We decided to ask around the office here to see what the folks around here would spend their cash on. And just for the record, there are a few recurring things on this list.  We really seem to like food and golf!

Check out these 10 exciting ways to spend $1000 in Augusta!

  • Grab Your Favorite Coffees!

    You could buy 170 of your favorite coffee drinks at the Bunker Café at Nine Line Apparel in Grovetown! Like the Snickers Coffee, made with Black Rifle Coffee.  It’s Cody from the Kicks Wake Up Krew’s favorite drink.  Just imagine… 170 coffees would get you caffeinated for quite a while.

    Snickers Blended Coffee Drink from the Bunker Cafe

  • A Weekend Getaway!

    There are many great places where you could take a quick weekend getaway.  If you’re looking for a beach getaway, Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach, and more are just a short drive away.  There are other great places to check out too, like Helen, Tallulah Gorge, Blue Ridge and more.

    St. Helena Island, South Carolina

    A pier in St. Helena Island, South Carolina. A beautiful place to enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway!


  • University of Georgia Football Tickets

    You could grab some tickets to watch the Bulldogs play in Athens.  With $1,000, you could even bring along some friends and make a weekend of it.  Or maybe buy tickets for a few of the home games. Athens is just a short trip up the road!

  • Gear Up For Golf

    There are a few people in our building (like Dub from the Kicks Wake Up Krew, John Patrick from WGAC, and Fenway from HD 98.3) that would definitely spend their $1,000 on golf gear– from the outfit, to the shoes and clubs! Maybe you don’t spend all of it on the gear so you can still afford to play a few rounds at our local golf courses!

    Golfer's hand putting a golf ball on tee in golf course.

  • Bacon Cheeseburgers at Edgefield Pool Room

    With $1,000… you could get 130 bacon cheeseburgers at Edgefield Pool Room!  Yum! That should be enough to feed all your friends and family, and maybe even have some leftovers.

  • Pizzas from Oliviana Ristorante

    If you love Italian food, you could get 60 Sicilia Pizzas at Oliviana’s.  Or if pasta is more your thing, you could get 60 Fettuccine Alfredo dishes.

  • Golf Tournament T-Shirts

    You could get t-shirts for everyone when The Masters Tournament rolls around!  With $1,000 you could get 30 branded t-shirts at $30 each. Or you could get:

    Masters Beers

    330 beers at the Tournament at $3 a beer.

    Taste of Masters

    5 Taste of The Masters Packages at $175 each.

    Masters Gnomes

    20 of those popular gnomes… at $50 each!

  • 'Nana Pudding From WifeSaver

    A thousand dollars could get you one hundred 4-piece chicken strip meals from WifeSaver… or you know you can’t forget the ‘Nana Pudding!  You could get 60 large orders of ‘nana pudding with $1,000!

  • Give Fenway All The Sushi!

    When it comes to what Fenway from HD 98.3 would spend his $1,000 on… he said sushi at Takosushi.  We broke it down, and you could get 100 spicy tuna or salmon rolls or 70 Rainbow Rolls with that kind of cash!  Better bring your appetite.

  • FORE! More Golf!

    Another good idea to spend that $1,000?  Reserve some bays at Top Golf Augusta!  With that kind of money, you could reserve up to 8 bays, or simply hit some balls all day long!

    Top Golf Augusta

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