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Did you know I'd never actually ridden a motorcycle until we met?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s time to meet Blaine’s Valentines… yes, PLURAL! There’s my fiancé, David, my stepdaughter, Alexis… and of course, the pups- Cody and Harley!

Today is a day to express our love.  Although I’ve pretty much always thought that we shouldn’t just wait for ONE day! We should always show those people in our lives how much we love and appreciate them!


Honestly, I’m not big on romance.  I love romantic movies, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate romantic gestures.  But, I’m more about the little every things.  I don’t like getting flowers… I’ve never had luck with them lasting long, and I don’t want someone wasting that money!  Chocolates are great, but I could take or leave Valentine’s candy.  Jewelry… again, I don’t want a grand gesture just because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I also don’t wear a lot of jewelry… and I love what I do have.

Going out on Valentine’s Day, also a no for me.  Haha.  I know I sound like such an anti-love person.  But I don’t really like the crowds, and I think making dinner at home can be just as great and more relaxing!

How We Met

We met many years ago through some mutual friends.  I actually went on a date with his daughter before he and I ever went on a date.  She and I shared a love for chips and cheese dip.  While he was there for our date… it was for me and her!  He and I became really good friends, and eventually started dating.

Since then, he’s been one of my biggest supporter in many aspects of my life– from my career to my fitness!  We get up each morning around 2:30am to get to the gym and work out!

Quality Time

Most people think it’s crazy when I tell them our gym routine, but it’s our time.  Unlike a lot of people, our evenings aren’t when we really spend quality time together.  We get home from work and eat dinner, and get to bed pretty early.  The gym and walking the dogs is our quality time– time to talk and laugh before the craziness of the day begins.  Since I talk for a living (ha!) I usually don’t feel much like talking at the end of the day!

I don’t have specific Valentine’s Day memories… but some of my favorite?

We were going to Panama City Beach (one of my favorite places on earth) and David came home from work on that Wednesday.  He slept a couple of hours, and then got up and drove us to PCB so I could be on the beach at sunrise!  He knew how much it meant to me.  SO sweet.

He’s also a HUGE supporter of my running.  He’s been at almost every race I’ve run since we’ve been together! When I did my first half marathon, I crossed the finish line.  I looked up and saw him and started crying.  At the end, my body was hurting so bad I could barely move.  He picked me up and carried me to the truck.

Here are Blaine’s Valentines!