Southern Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  And while Christmas can tend to overshadow Thanksgiving a bit, there are still many who love the holiday and all of its traditions.  It's a day that most Americans celebrate with food.  And when it comes to the South... we love some good Southern cooking! Another thing you'll find? Great Southern Thanksgiving traditions! Holiday Stress Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is a holiday that doesn't involve the stress of gift-giving.  But depending on how you were raised, and if you're hosting Thanksgiving, there might be some stress when it comes to preparing the spread.  There's a lot that goes into any Thanksgiving meal. You have the planning of what to cook, grocery shopping, timing out when everything needs to be cooked... And of course, the presentation of it all. The Presentation Some families use special dishes for their Thanksgiving dinner.  Others really go all out on table décor. While some even plan out a day of fun activities and games to enjoy as a family. And you can't forget about the meme that's gone around quite a bit around the holidays about what outfit you'll wear to the living room! But let's be honest, for a holiday that's food-centered, just give us some good stretchy pants! It's all about comfort. Southern Thanksgiving Traditions Every family has their own traditions when it comes to any holiday. Of course, these vary for a lot of reasons.  It could be based on which region or state someone came from.  But it can also be based on religious beliefs or simply history of the family. When it comes to the South though, there are definitely some traditions that are more common.  Below are some of the traditions we compiled from Southern Living, and a fun "10 Ways To Know You're Having A Southern Thanksgiving" post from HuffPost.

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