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Apple Weather Outage

It's a habit each morning when I wake up to immediately check the weather.  Since I walk my dogs each morning, I need to know if it's raining, but also the temperature.  I thought it was strange this morning when the weather on my lock screen said "Weather Unavailable." So, I opened up the Weather app... and stared at a blank screen. I finally just went to to check. And now I find out there was an Apple Weather outage today! According to Apple Insider, users have been getting blank screens today.  And it's a worldwide issue, but not in all regions.  Despite the Apple Weather outage, it seems most weather data is back.  The article does say some cities need to be reloaded before the correct information appears. Earlier today, Apple's system status site acknowledged the issues but claimed it was just affecting users in Alaska at that time. It seems overall, the issues began at 11 p.m. Eastern on Monday. But, I just checked... and it's back to showing "Weather Unavailable" on my lock screen.  And when I opened the app, it shows the city, but the data is blank. Just glad to know it wasn't just me this morning! [caption id="attachment_323474" align="aligncenter" width="295"] What's currently showing for me...[/caption]