How To Apply For 2024 Masters Tickets

How can you apply for 2024 Masters tickets, keep reading, I'll tell you. The 2023 Masters is in the books. Now we can all start thinking about next year and how do I get there? Maybe you went this year for the first time and you're hooked. Or maybe you've never been before and you're still trying. Either way you have to apply for tickets. In case you're not sure how this works, you fill out an application for the chance to buy tickets. You can get practice round tickets and tournament day tickets. Now just because you fill out an application doesn't necessarily mean you'll get picked. I've only been picked twice since 2008. Its not a first come first served thing with the selection process. You'll have no idea how they pick winners. According to, the application process will start June 1. It will run from June 1-10th. Winners will be notified sometime in July, and you usually have about two or three weeks to pay for your tickets after that. So how do you apply for 2024 Masters tickets ? First you need to make an account here. Then on June 1 you'll get an email telling you the application process is open! You can also apply for Augusta National Women's Amateur tickets here. And you can apply for Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals tickets here. Just make an account at each of those sites and good luck! For more from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, click here.  

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