Relationships can end for various reasons. Sometimes, people grow apart and find that their values and goals have changed and they grow apart. Maybe external factors present themselves during a relationship. For instance, distance, career demands, or personal circumstances can strain a relationship to its demise. Ultimately, relationships end when the challenges and difficulties outweigh the benefits and happiness the partnership once provided.

Avocado Green Mattress commissioned a survey by OnePoll, which sought insights from 2,000 individuals who are currently single and actively engaged in dating or seeking a partner. The survey aimed to understand the factors that have played a role in breaking down their past relationships.

What’s the biggest contributor to failed relationships?

According to the survey, several factors have been cited as contributors to the ending of relationships. Topping the list is clinginess, with 43% of respondents acknowledging its impact. Not too far behind is overuse of social media (42%) or poor hygiene (42%). Other significant factors include differing sense of humor (41%), excessive obsession with a pet (40%), poor manners (38%), and disliking a specific food (35%).

Meanwhile, some less common reasons included rudeness to waitstaff (13%), pets not liking their partner (12%), and bad sex (12%). Following behind is not caring about sustainability (11%), and being resistant to change (11%).

What about dates?

The survey didn’t stop at examining the major factors behind failed relationships; it also delved into the realm of dating. According to the research, it takes the average person less than 20 minutes to decide if they want a second date.

When it comes to the actual date, physical appearance matters to 44% of respondents, but even more emphasis is placed on good manners (51%), personality (48%), and conversational skills (47%).

If you’re curious to explore the complete list of the biggest contributors to failed relationships and want to dive into the detailed findings of the survey, check out the full study here.


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