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Sydney Sweeney attends a screening of HBO Films' "Reality" at Museum of Modern Art on May 16, 2023 in New York City.

Sydney Sweeney is catching heat for complaining about how she’s landed roles. The Euphoria star recently told Variety about having to “fight” for roles in Hollywood.

She made the comment while promoting her new movie. In Reality the 25-year-old actress portrays Reality Winner. Winner is the former U.S. intelligence specialist who was given the longest prison sentence ever imposed in federal court for an unauthorized release of government information to the media. Sweeney said that finding mainstream success as Euphoria‘s Cassie made it difficult for her to land roles going forward.

In 2021, Sweeney starred in the first season of The White Lotus. She told the publication that landing the role was a battle because of being typecast. “There’s always people who see me as Cassie or see me as Olivia. They send me scripts that are just like that. It’s the ones I have to fight for that usually are the ones that I want that are different. Like Reality.”

Fighting the Typecast

The Washington native added, “I had to audition for it. I had to put myself on tape and send in my audition just like everybody else. It was the same for White Lotus.” Because she starred in Euphoria, the actress said, “They didn’t think that I was right” for the role. “So I put myself on tape, I auditioned for White Lotus just like everybody else and had a call back like everybody else. I could get offered roles that are similar to the ones that I’ve played. But the ones that are different, the ones that surprise people that I do, are the ones that I usually have to fight for.”

The Audacity of Auditioning

Fans online called out Sweeney for her statement about being like “everybody else.” Quoting the Variety story on Twitter, one fan wrote: “why does she always have to make it seem, she’s coming up from the trenches to be taken srsly?? like…i promise you, no one is checking for you like you think they are.” Another mocked: “Breaking news: Actress auditions for role.” Added another, “Damn so she had to audition just like every other young actor and actress in the history of entertainment lol.”

A fourth said, “Girl thinks she’s an A-lister who shouldn’t need to audition.” Another harshly critiqued: “negl i really hate her acting but aint she jus play a low grade version of cassie in this show ??? so what exactly did you fight against babes ….” Another asked sarcastically, “So… She applied for the job like a peasant? Like a commoner?”

As for her return to Euphoria for season 3, Sydney says of playing Cassie, “I just hope that I get to continue to challenge myself as an actor and get to go to crazy places through her, because she’s such a crazy, dramatically heightened character and it’s fun to play her.”

Watch the trailer for Reality below, now streaming on Max.

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