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Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers attend The Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony honoring The Jonas Brothers on January 30, 2023 in Hollywood, California.

All siblings have a rivalry. This is even more true when you’re in show business, like the Jonas Brothers. In a new interview with Dax Shepard, Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas opened up about the ways they have conflicting emotions about being competitive while supporting each others’ solo endeavors. Some things, however, are just too hard to let go.

Joe, 33, revealed that there was one gig that Nick got that he just couldn’t handle. He explained that while he was at a Fleetwood Mac concert in 2019, he found out that Nick, 30, had been hired as a coach on The Voice season 18. Though Joe had already served as a coach in 2018 for the singing competition’s Australian series, he couldn’t help the tears from flowing. “It was at the most picturesque setting,” Joe described the moment he found out the news at the concert. “As they’re playing ‘Landslide,’ I found out that he was going to be a judge on The Voice. I was so jealous I cried my eyes out to ‘Landslide.”

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He continued, “It was bittersweet, of course, because I’m super happy for him, but I’m also bummed because I want that f—ing gig!” Kevin, 35, chimed in and said that since Joe already did his “time there,” he should have been next to coach for the US version. Joe then said, “I just enjoyed the job, so I was like, what the f—? But [Nick] crushed it, and you know, it was great.” The “Jealous” singer appeared as a judge for season 18 in 2020 and returned for season 20 the following year.

The Jonas Brothers admit they feel jealousy toward one another. Within the interview, Kevin revealed he was jealous of Nick and Joe’s solo careers after the band took a break years ago. Despite the waves of jealousy, Nick explained that at the end of the day, they’re all on the same team.

“We always say we want someone with the last name Jonas to win. That’s our goal,” he said. “We both auditioned for the same role, Joe and I. It was for Wicked, actually. And we were going into it… and naturally, we’re brothers, we’re competitive in sports and other things, but when it comes to our career, I think we genuinely both looked at each other like…” Joe continued, “Yeah, we said, ‘Go in there and kill it because it’s gotta be one of us. It has to be one of us.’ That being said, [we] never got that call…”

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