I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten one of these messages, or something similar.  But there’s a Facebook scam that’s been making the rounds (and on TikTok too it seems).  The scam involves receiving a message from what appears to be one of your friends.

In the subject line of the direct message, you’ll see “Look who died”.  The message includes a link to a fake news article.  But as with any suspicious link– DON’T CLICK THE LINK!

According to DataProt, the link is not a legitimate news story.  It’s a phishing scam. It can steal your login information or install malware on your device.

The message is typically sent from one of your friend’s profiles that have been previously infected with a virus.  After clicking on the link, you’ll often be asked to log into Facebook again.  If you put in your information, your username and password are then available to the hacker.  Your device can be infected with malware and then spread the same link and message without your knowledge.

The bad part about this is, the scam is playing on your emotions.  When you see something like “Look who died,” you immediately want to know who and if you know them.  But if it’s like the message I received, the person sending it was not someone I know very well or talk to very much.  So, I was almost 100 percent sure it wasn’t true.

DataProt has more information on what phishing is, what to do if you did fall for the scam, and how to prevent being hacked. Get all of that HERE.

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