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Creamy salad dressing made of mayonnaise, buttermilk, garlic, herbs, spices and grated cheese

Ranch ice cream is here!  Like many people, I could certainly add ranch dressing to almost anything I eat.  National Ranch Dressing Day was March 10th and Hidden Valley came out ready to shock the world.  Or depending on your love for ranch dressing, salivate.  They announced a new ice cream that is already being sold in some Walmart locations.  They partnered with an ice cream called Van Leeuwen and introduced their new limited edition Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream.  The ice cream maker has described it as having “savory flavors of ranch dressing, including buttermilk, flavorful herbs, and a touch of sweetness.”  The taste testers that have tried have mixed reviews.

Some people that have tried it are raving about it.  Those people also love ranch dressing.  Writers for FoodAndWine.com have also tried it and aren’t as excited when they savor it.  They reported that there’s a heavy taste of garlic powder and is actually sweeter than actual ranch dressing.  Someone else from People.com said it tasted better than they expected but they didn’t like how oniony it smelled.  I’d call the reviews 60/40 in favor of ranch lovers, especially because everyone in the south is going to buy up all of the pints available.  It’ll be available for a limited time at Walmart locations starting March 20th.  I’m here for it, and want to eat it with a side of pizza.  Check out other weird ice cream flavors made by Van Leeuwen here!

SOURCE: Food & Wine | People