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A young woman is browsing a rail of clothes at a street market

Like we do every year at this time, my wife and I purge our clothes.  Whatever we haven’t worn in a year gets donated to Goodwill.  A couple of weeks ago I donated two full bags.  Once I unloaded them I had some time to kill so I went inside not really looking for anything in particular.  I did a lap around the household items and ended up in the sporting goods section.  And that’s when it caught my eye.  An $80.00 golf driver that was $8.00!  It was gently used and I actually had been pricing less expensive drivers at different places.  This was a steal!  This was on a Tuesday and turns out, that’s one of the best times to thrift shop!  Below are other tips to help you find the best stuff at thrift stores!

  1.  Goodwill suggests doing your shopping on a Monday or Tuesday.  Stores tend to get most of their donations on the weekend.  By the start of the week, the store is restocked with most of those donated items.
  2. The earlier your shopping trip the better.  Just to reemphasize the above tip, the best days to go are Mondays and Tuesdays.  The earlier you go, however, the better!
  3. Shop after major holidays.  Gathering items around the house can take time.  It took about two or three Saturdays for my wife and me to gather one full load to take to Goodwill.  When people are off work, like for major holidays, they’ll use some of that time off to donate what they don’t need anymore.  This gives the shopper more to choose from!
  4. The best time of the year to go thrift shopping is Spring.  Two words; spring cleaning.  The first day of spring is March 20th.  I think you’ll find the absolute best times to thrift shop around then.

SOURCE: Goodwill | Mental Floss