We’ve all heard about white noise.  It’s a sound that is similar to TV static. But there’s a new trend happening over on TikTok.  It’s called brown noise.  So, what is it? It’s a low-frequency sound that can be comparable to heavy rainfall, thunder, or a waterfall.

Health and Wellness Trends

Just like any fad, health and wellness trends come and go. In fact, there are often so many ideas and products out there, it can be overwhelming. But, with TikTok, it seems you can really tell which trends resonate most with people. And currently, brown noise seems to really be a hit.

White Noise Vs. Brown Noise

According to Sleep Foundation, white noise is “noise that contains all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound in equal measure.” They found that white noise might reduce crying in infants, improve work performance, and potentially help counteract symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It may also affect sleep.

As for brown noise, it’s described as containing “sounds from every octave of the sound spectrum, but the power behind frequencies decreases with each octave.” This type of noise could help reduce symptoms in people with ringing in their ears and also help improve cognitive performance.  The effect of it has on sleep hasn’t been widely studied.

An Immersive Experience

Brown noise can be extremely relaxing for many people.  This could be why many people have been drawn to it on TikTok. Although it hasn’t been studied much on it’s effect on sleep, it can help you relax, which often helps with sleep.

The immersive experience from brown noise can mask other thoughts and help people focus, relax, read or sleep.  At work, it could be helpful to mask distracting noises to help with your productivity.

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Here’s an example of Brown Noise… that says it’ll help you fall asleep.  Hey, when it’s hard to sleep, you’ll try just about anything!

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