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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 25: (EDITORS NOTE: This images was created using digital filter) Jock the Shih Tzu dog wears his Santa suit under a Christmas tree on December 25, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. Millions of people across the UK spend time with family and loved ones on Christmas day, traditionally exchanging gifts and eating and drinking, whilst many also attend special church services. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This dog is a decoration.  Before I get to that, I’m lucky to have a dog that’s ok with most holiday decorations.  Last year was our dog Zoe’s first Christmas with us.  We weren’t sure how she was going to react to the Christmas tree.  It ended up making her even more adorable because she would lie near it and look at us with the lights reflecting in her eyes.  We also have a plastic frosty and reindeer that sit on the front porch that she’s ok with.  The cats on the other hand are cool with the Christmas tree for about a week.  After that, the biggest once tries to scale it.  The smaller one likes to knock off the plastic Christmas balls and bat them around on the hardwood floors.  We never go too crazy for Halloween.  Even though we celebrated that a week ago, one TikTok is still making its rounds.

A black lab saw its humans’ Halloween decorations for the first time.  Some would say what happened next broke poor Maverick.  She walked out onto the lawn to explore the decorations.  They had five black cat lawn ornaments that he thought were real cats.  He froze completely in place when he saw them.  Some say he was scared.  I think she was just blending in and wanted to be a Halloween decoration.  The TikTok is hilarious and I’ve never seen a dog be this still.  Not just any dog, a lab!  This dog is a decoration.  Watch the TikTok below!