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There’s a Reddit thread that is going viral right now about weird nicknames.  The 21-year-old girl posted about her boyfriend’s interesting nickname for her: “Tony Pizza.”

From her post, it seems he’s not really the best at coming up with nicknames, with early ones like “little stubbster” and “sour meat.” But, now, it seems the boyfriend is stuck on calling her “Tony Pizza,” and she doesn’t like it.

It seems Reddit has taken down the original post, but not before someone captured it and spread it on Twitter.  The responses are a mix of emotions, with some saying he’s disrespectful for continuing to call her by the name. Others assume maybe she just doesn’t get his sense of humor.  Some even point out how her nickname for him isn’t much better.

Either way, it’s quite strange in my opinion!  I’ve never really had a lot of nicknames. My fiancé usually just calls me babe/baby.

BUT, it did make me think of a boyfriend I had in college! We were going somewhere, and he said, “Talk to me, Goose.” And I was like, “Did you just call me a goose?!” Needless to say, I’d never seen Top Gun at that point.  Which he was quick to remedy, as it was one of his favorite movies.

Other than that, I can’t remember having any other weird nicknames!