On Thursday, Grovetown Police and the City of Grovetown Code Enforcement officers found two children living in “uninhabitable conditions.” The discovery took place during a welfare check at the home in the 100 block of Walton Drive.

The investigators found Amanda Lee, her two children, and Richard Williams living in filthy conditions.  The home also has not had running water since late May. Both human and animal feces were found throughout the home, including on the mattress of one of the children.  They also found feces on their skin and feet.

Richard Williams told investigators that Amanda Lee and her children had not bathed since the water had been shut off.

During the home search, there were “no discernable groceries or food” found. Both adults confirmed they are unemployed and have been relying on food stamps. It seems Williams has been unemployed for 11 years.

Both Lee and Williams are being charged with two counts of First Degree Cruelty to Children.  They are being held at the Columbia County Detention Center. The children are now in the custody of the Department of Family and Children’s Services.

The residence was deemed “unfit for habitation, pending required clean up and renovation of the property,” according to a news release from the Grovetown Department of Public Safety.