Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday - Bree

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Bree!

Get To Know Me:

Everyone! Hold your hands up like a frame and say “Picture, if you will…” Imagine a super great dog who bounds out of bed when the alarm goes off (wakey wakey!), who is food-oriented, and will catch a gently thrown piece of food, who loves to play with other dogs, cats, and humans alike, who will protect you with all her might from those dastardly squirrels in the backyard and break up a snuggle fest because she just wants to be loved too. Do you have the picture?

Now meet Bree. She is a four-year-old, 33-pound retired mama who was found under a dumpster, rescued, and gave birth to her pups in a safe Stinkykiss home. She is a darling. Bree is all that pictured above and then more. She is crate trained and housebroken but she does have a urinary issue that is controlled mostly with medication. She does have leash reactivity and this needs to be addressed along with the help of Team Stinkykiss.

If you’re looking for a happy girl who just wants to know what a forever, loving family is, then Bree is the one! Do you have a golf cart for some rides? Bonus. If not, she’ll take what you have as long as it’s a fun time filled with unconditional love. Bree is waiting for you! For an adoption application for Bree, email Team StinkyKiss Adoptions.

Photos were taken by Cassie Bayer Photography.

Wet Nose Wednesday - Bree

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