Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday - Macy

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Macy!

Get To Know Me:

Hi, I’m Macy! I’m around 30 pounds, and still very much puppy! I’m a possible wire-haired terrier mix. I love to play, but also love snuggle and give kisses.  I do have a little bit of a voice, and like to bark! I was having some issues coordinating my back legs at times. It didn’t seem to slow me down or cause me any discomfort but my Dog Networking Agents family knew I needed to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. My vet believes I could have the beginning stages of Spinal stenosis. After receiving a steroid shot and medication, I was like a brand new pup again.

Loves to play with dog toys, dogs and kiddos. Preferably older kiddos that know not to leave toys and food within her reach 🤣 (she’s stole some food off our table lately) Definitely would do better with a family that can stay with her and able to keep an eye on her. Potty trained. Barked in kennel at first but now she’s use to it and will go lay in there often

My Perfect Fur-Ever Home:

My ideal home would be an active family. I love to play with dog toys, other dogs and kiddos! But older kiddos are preferred… kiddos that know not to leave toys or food within my reach! I have been known to swipe food from the table when no one was watching! I would probably do best with a family that can stay at home with me most of the time to keep an eye on me.  I am potty trained though.  I used to bark a good bit in my kennel, but I’m getting used to it and will even go lay in there from time to time!

If you have any questions about me please just let my DNA family know. They would be happy to help!

Adoption Information:

•Location- Augusta, GA
•Home visit / FaceTime required

•age appropriate shots
•current on flea tick and heartworm preventative
•heartworm negative

Fill out an application here:  🐾 Online Application 🐾

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