Just when you think they couldn’t possibly come up with more flavors of hard seltzers… you stumble upon this news.  According to Loudwire, a brewery in Texas has created a hot dog-flavored hard seltzer. Does it get anymore American than that? Alcohol and hot dogs… combined.

It seems that every alcohol brand has been on a mission to produce the best and most variety of flavors when it comes to hard seltzers.  When White Claw came on the scene, the battle kicked up and shows no sign of slowing down.

But when it comes to hot dog flavored hard seltzer?  Not sure there’s a seltzer that sounds more disgusting. Of course, it’s summer, and we all enjoy a hot dog or 100 during barbecues and sporting events, but we all know it’s best not to think about the ingredients in a hot dog.  Much less, create a hard seltzer from them.

But, Martin House Brewing Company, which is based in Fort Worth, Texas, decided to take the risk and create this interesting seltzer.  The drink is 5.2 percent ABV.  And it is made with water that was used to boil hot dogs.  Yes, you read that correctly.

The drink is called “Bun Length.” It’s part of a new Awesome Sauce hard seltzer collection from the brewery.  This crazy flavored hard seltzer will make its debut at a hot dog celebration called “Glizzy Fest” on July 16. And you can choose from Bun Length on draft or in a can for only $4.

And if hot dogs aren’t your thing?  No worries.  Martin House Brewing Company has another questionable flavor… also associated with barbecues and summer.  It’s a new pickle mustard beer.

Of course, we know you’re dying to try these new intriguing flavors… so if you happen to be in Fort Worth on the 16th, you can snag a wristband for Glizzy Fest: A Celebration of Hot Dogs, and enjoy all of the boozy fun! They’ve even got a John Cougar Mellencamp Cover Band and a hot dog eating contest.

From Martin House Brewing Company’s Instagram, it looks like they have a lot of interesting flavors, like Sour Pickle Beer, and Murph Juice- which shows it’s a BBQ Sauce Beer with Spices, with 6.9 percent ABV.