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Two of my favorite things!

I used to routinely post a Throwback Thursday picture on my social media.  But I haven’t done that in a LONG time.  Thanks to Facebook memories though, it’s not hard to take that trip down memory lane! Although… sometimes it’s memories we’d rather NOT see!

I think all of the photos I grabbed were from high school… Maybe because before then, I didn’t have a Facebook? Either way, it brought up some great memories.  Especially from my dance days.  I had so many great friends when I danced.  And taking ballet really taught me discipline.  When I started classes at age 11, I immediately fell in love with ballet.  Tap and jazz were fun, but ballet was my first love when it came to dance.

Dancing Everywhere!

During high school, I took dance classes at two separate studios.  I was also part of the Griffin Ballet Theatre, where I danced in my first “Nutcracker.”  And then went on to perform in quite a few of them!

Back then, I was ready to dance… any and everywhere. Just ask my mom!  I used to embarrass her by dancing in the grocery store!  It was definitely in my blood.  After I stopped dancing, radio became my next passion.  Now here I am… over 10 years in the radio biz! While I loved dancing, my body just wasn’t cooperating with me.  With scoliosis, I had a lot of pain.  But I also had limitations in flexibility and range of motion.

I also included a few prom pictures.  The funny thing about that?  I went to prom three times… and I didn’t even attend the high school!  I was homeschooled.  And each prom, I went with a guy friend– never a boyfriend.  One of the photos also features a family friend who was trying to show me how to dance for prom!  Haha!

Enjoy this little Throwback Thursday trip down memory lane with me.