Wait a minute now.  I’m pretty sure I had a ‘Back To The Future’ VHS at one point… It was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up!  And now I find out a Back To The Future VHS sold for $75,o00.

What’s It Worth?

Just think– I could’ve really made some money.  In fact, I think my mom might actually still have a bunch of old VHS tapes.  Do kids these days even know what that is?!  And does anyone still have a VHS player?

Apparently, this copy of ‘Back To The Future’ was a bit more than your average VHS tape though.  It was still sealed for one.  But, it was also a copy that once belonged to actor Thomas Wilson.  He’s the guy that played Biff Tannen in the ‘Back To The Future’ films.  And to add to the value? The VHS tape included a signed note from the actor.  The note said he wasn’t even able to find a VCR to watch the tape!  Imagine that!

It does have me thinking about how many of those things from back then would be valuable today?  Remember keeping Beanie Babies with the tag still on them?  We just knew those things would be valuable some day.

Advances in Technology

This takes me back to a conversation I had with a coworker just last week about things coming back around.  Our internet at work had been knocked out due to the storm.  And we were joking about having to remember how to do things the “old” way.  You know, like before we had SO much technology and access!  Of course, we see trends and styles coming back around.  But could you imagine if instead of advancing in technology… we regressed?!  How scary would that be for SO many people?  Having to go back to the old days, when we thought things were simple.  But looking back, maybe there weren’t right?

Guess that kind of plays into the whole ‘Back To The Future’ theme here!  If we had to go back to the old school ways– we’d be wishing we could come back to our current reality!

Even Dub from the Kicks Wake Up Krew knows we’re on to something… Don’t Get Rid of Those VHS Tapes Just Yet!

Source: CNN

And yes, Back To The Future made it on this list…