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Earlier this month, I shared a birthday post for my dad.  And now it’s Father’s Day weekend!  I did some digging… ok, well, I went back through Facebook memories… and found some pictures of me and my dad throughout the years.  Of course, they’re all from about 2010 and later.  All of the really great old photos are in photo albums back home.  Which for my sake, it probably a good thing!

Father’s Day

I wanted to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day.  Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to make it down to see him this weekend.  As I shared in the birthday post, we have so many reasons to celebrate him this year.  It hasn’t been an easy year for him, but we are so blessed to have him still here with us!

Growing up, I learned so much from my dad.  As the youngest of three girls, I was the most “tomboy” of the bunch.  I remember spending time in my daddy’s shop while he worked on “Big Red,” which is his 1964 Chevy Impala SS.  Also, I also remember helping him cut the grass here and there.  I am so thankful for my dad for many reasons.  He’s always been a huge supporter of my dreams.

Always There for Me

Bless his heart, he had to sit through SO many dance recitals growing up.  I started dancing when I was 11… And during high school I was part of two different studios.  Even though he was probably bored out of his mind, he was always there to support me.

After I was out of the house, I still knew my daddy would be there for me if I needed it.  In fact, I saw a Facebook memory where he’d come to my house to cut the grass for me.  Car trouble?  I can always rely on my daddy to help figure out the issues.  Overall, my dad is a pretty quiet man.  But he is reliable, strong, and hardworking.  He taught me a lot about hard work.  Which is definitely why I have always done whatever it takes when it comes to work and paying my bills.  I definitely have him and my mom to credit for my strong work ethic.


I’ll be honest, I don’t have the best memory. So bringing up specific memories and stories doesn’t come easy.  But I do know I’ve pretty much always been a daddy’s girl! There’s one picture, which I may have at my house, where I’d gotten back from a trip with my uncle and grandmother.  My dad had gotten home from work and I ran to hug him, not even letting him get completely out of his truck.

This Weekend

While I may not make it back home to see him, I want to say… Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!  I love you, and hope you have a great weekend!

And to all the dad’s out there– Happy Father’s Day! I hope you all have a great weekend as well.

Here are some photos of me and my dad through the years!

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