Who doesn’t love a great chicken nugget? Or 100? Whether you’re 5, or 95, chicken nuggets make a great snack or meal! Someone must have told this guy to “dream big,” and it took it to heart… with his love of chicken nuggets! He and a fellow TikTok chef have officially created the World’s Largest Chicken Nugget, to set a Guinness record!

World’s Largest Chicken Nugget

The end product weighed in around 46 pounds and three ounces.  According to Fox 4 News, that’s about 115 times larger than a chicken nugget you might find at a fast-food restaurant or grocery store.


The masterpiece was a combined effort.  TikTok cooking sensation Lynn ‘Lynja’ Davis and “Masterchef” finalist Nick DiGiovanni teamed up for this epic creation.

This was no simple feat for the experienced chefs! DiGiovanni said a “contraption” was created to bake the massive nugget.


As you can see from the video, they used 40 pounds of ground chicken, 40 slices of white bread and 40 eggs.  It also took a half gallon of milk, along with a bunch of seasonings. Once the ingredients were thorough mixed together and poured into the “contraption,” they topped with a layer of bread crumbs.


Finally, the large nugget was baked in the oven until the internal temperature hit 165 degrees, making it safe to eat. The Guinness World Records website says it took over 12 hours to bake.  With a break halfway through to pull back the mesh sides and coat the side of the nugget with breadcrumbs.

Claiming the World Record

It wasn’t until it was done cooking that Guinness weighed the massive creation. Additionally, the nugget was inspected by Guinness World Records Adjudicator Claire Stephens.  The nugget claimed the record on May 25, 2022.

But… How Did It Taste?!

Afterward, the two cut up the nugget and gave some to friends, family and the filming crew to taste.  But, there was no confirmation on whether the taste was as epic as the size!

Not the First Time

This isn’t the first time the two chefs have teamed up to break records.  Previously, the pair created the World’s Largest Cake Pop (which weighed 97 pounds and 8 and a half ounces) in November 2021. They started by measuring a regular cake pop… and multiplied by a thousand!

And if you want to see a longer version of their chicken nugget video, here you go:



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