A strange creature has been caught on film by the Amarillo Zoo.  Could it be a Chupacabra? The mysterious creature was seen on the zoo’s footage outside of the zoo on May 21st, early in the morning. And now officials are requesting help in identifying the strange visitor. The City of Amarillo posted the photo on their Twitter account on June 8th. It’s definitely a bit spooky to look at! Do you have any idea what this creature is?

They are currently calling it the “Unidentified Amarillo Object” or UAO. Still, they are baffled by what this thing is.  Officials do point out that there are no signed of vandalism, attempted entry, or anyone or any animals harmed. Many people on social media have submitted their own ideas and theories on what the strange creature in Amarillo could be.

Some replies include:

  • “Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy”
  • “A giant bird of prey”
  • “The legendary Goatman”
  • “A coyote jumping the fence”
  • “Sonic the Hedgehog”

Whatever the strange creature is, he has definitely left everyone wondering, and some even a bit spooked!

Source: Chron

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