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There’s a new viral recipe on TikTok… for “Beanut-Butter” cups.  I have to say this sounds extremely gross to me.  I LOVE peanut butter cups, but this recipe uses baked beans.  And I’m not a fan of baked beans. Actually, I’m a VERY picky eater… so you won’t find me experimenting with a lot of crazy foods outside of my comfort zone!

So instead of peanut butter, the recipe uses canned baked beans.  Something about the combination of beans and chocolate in general doesn’t sound appealing. Apparently, many people who have tried the combo are saying it does taste a lot like regular peanut butter cups… just not quite as sweet.  They are also saying the cups are “squishier” with more “moist texture from the beans.”

Again… does NOT sound appealing to me in the least.  But if you try them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  You can shoot me an email:

Here’s the video with the recipe from @TheVulgarChef:


🅱️eanut 🅱️utter 🅱️ups

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Even a writer for Popsugar gave it a try.  She said initially it was a big “no” for her.  But she thought about it and considered the beans were soft and slightly sweet, so it could complement the chocolate.

The writer admits she was still skeptical and hesitant before taking her first bite. But, she admits it wasn’t all that bad. Seems she agreed with others who said they tasted similar to the original, but with less sweetness. She also says she liked the squishy, more moist texture.

She finishes her review with her preference: peanut butter or almond butter cups, but says it’s worth trying the TikTok “beanut-butter” cups– even if it’s just to taste the odd combination for yourself!

Personally, I’m still not convinced.  I’ll stick with my peanut butter cups! And honestly, I have to wonder… what made something think, “Hey, I wonder what this would taste like if I replaced the peanut butter with baked beans?”

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