Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday - Sadie

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Sadie!

Get To Know Me:

This is Sadie! She is a six year old Beagle. Let’s see how she measures up to a typical beagle description: Even tempered and gentle disposition- check! Responds well to food reward training- check! Excellent with children- check! Gets along well with cats and other dogs- check! Not too demanding when it comes to exercise- check!

Sadie is an affectionate, loving girl who knows several commands and loves her toys. She is pretty low maintenance but every girl has her quirks— Sadie does not like getting her feet wet! Me neither, Sadie! Please email Team StinkyKiss Adoptions for an application for Sadie!

Wet Nose Wednesday Sadie

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