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Well, here I am… finding something else I need… er, want for my pups.  But unlike this girl… I would NEVER have the patience or ingenuity to make something like this happen. Taking pictures of my dogs is like a part time job for me.  I can’t help it!  They’re snoozing– pictures. Playing in the yard? Pictures. Just sitting there being cute (which is ALL the time), you guessed it– Pictures!

I have so many photos of my dogs on my phone, it’s insane.  And no, I won’t delete them, even if 50% of them look the same! When I saw this video, it reminded me of a photo I took of Cody once.  It actually looked like he’d taken a selfie.  I laughed for days about it.

But seriously… This girl built a dog selfie booth, with LEGO bricks.  And it’s adorable!

Again, I’d never have the patience or know-how to create something this cool.  For now, I’ll just settle for any photos I can grab from the dog camera! But if she ever goes mass production with these, I might be in trouble!

Wondering what the photos turned out like?  Here you go:

Pretty great, right?