Weekdays 10:00am-3pm

A beautiful night in Jackson, SC at the House of Hook!

My fiancé and I have talked recently about how we need to start getting out of the house over the weekend and start exploring more of the CSRA.  Maybe it was Covid, but for a long time, we became a little bit like hermits!  Most of our weekends are spent at the house, doing the things that need to be done.  And occasionally, sitting outside and letting the pups play when the weather is nice.

Living in the CSRA

We’ve been in the Augusta area for just over 5 years, and there are still many places we haven’t experienced! Because we’re creatures of habit, we tend to go to the same places.  We’ll say, “Oh we need to try that place…” but if we never go to that area, we never think about it!  There are many restaurants that people have recommended, and yet we still haven’t tried them.

We have a motorcycle too, that we haven’t ridden much at all.  Mainly because when we have the time, we don’t know where to go!  We have been to the lake and a few parks, but I know there has to be more places to explore.

Weekend Plans

Weekend before last, we did head out to Swainsboro for the Bullfighting event.  That was fun, and definitely out of our normal routine!

This weekend, we went somewhere we have been before, but really enjoy!  We went to the Carolina Dragway for some drag racing.  We almost didn’t go.  But I’m glad we did!  The weather was perfect, and we met up with some friends for a great Saturday night!

Sunday, we did our usual grocery shopping.  Then spent a big part of our day meal prepping, grilling out and letting the dogs play in the backyard.  We made some really yummy bacon cheeseburgers on the Blackstone for lunch too!

We had to head off to bed early, because we made the commitment to get back to the gym today!  So, a SUPER early alarm this morning for a great workout on this Monday morning to kick off a great week.

Coming up this weekend?  I’ll be out at My Story Boutique in Grovetown on Friday from 4 p.m. til 6 p.m. with HD 98.3’s Summer Breeze tickets I’ll be giving away.

Saturday there’s a LOT of stuff going on, including Thunder Over Evans!  Not sure what we’ll decide to get into.  I welcome any of your recommendations! Shoot me an email or follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

A few photos from the weekend: