Coronavirus Coverage

In a press release sent out today (April 5, 2022), Piedmont Augusta announces a generous donation from Georgia-Pacific that will help provide COVID test kits for community programs. See the press release below for details.

Piedmont Augusta Donates COVID Test Kits

Augusta (April 5, 2022) – Piedmont Augusta, with a generous donation from Georgia-Pacific, is putting the power of early COVID-19 detection in the hands of our community. In addition to following the three Ws – washing your hands, wearing a mask and watching your distance –we know early detection is vital to curbing the spread of COVID-19. Georgia-Pacific donated antigen test kits to Piedmont to encourage distribution through our communities. Piedmont Augusta is excited to be a part of this community benefit to our region and have already taken steps to get the kits out to those who need them most – this includes high-risk populations, communities with low vaccination rates and under-served communities.

To that end, Piedmont Augusta has already sent kits to a number of social services groups, including:

• The Salvation Army Center of Hope
• The Love Center
• The Area Agency on Aging, CSRA Regional Commission

Brenda Ervin, the Quality Assurance Program Manager for the Area Agency on Aging, said the kits “will be going out to service providers to care for home-bound elderly clients.” Having the kits come directly to the Area Agency on Aging is a huge benefit to all of their clients, Ms. Ervin said.

COVID Tests Arrive for Piedmont Augsuta