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This time of year, especially in the CSRA, we start getting excited for baseball season.  However, there’s a lockout taking place right now between the MLB Players Association and team owners with regards to agreeing on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA.  The CBA is the agreement between the Players Association and the MLB describing the rules of employment and the financial structure of the game.  It determines issues like salary, drug testing, rule changes, practical matters that relate to the game and more.  You can read more of what the CBA means for the league here.  For fans this can result in one of the worst case scenarios.

If a CBA isn’t agreed upon between the MLBPA and the MLB by a certain deadline then the result is a lockout or strike.  Basically, the players don’t play.  This is where we currently stand as the two sides are still working on negotiations.  While we should be excited for the Braves to begin Spring Training, MLB has pushed the start of the season two weeks past the original opening day date.  This also means that the players will not get paid.  One pizza chain has taken notice and is encouraging pro baseball players to apply now.

So, two popular “Bravos” answered with videos as to why they’d be the perfect employee.

Let’s hope an agreement between players and owners is reached soon, haha!  You can actually watch Dansby and Joc working in store here.  On a happier baseball note, the lockout has nothing to do with our Augusta Greenjackets!  Their home opener is April 19th and you can view their full schedule and get your Greenjackets and Braves merch here!

Let’s play ball!

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