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Need a smile for your Thursday?

I’ve got you covered! This smile for your Thursday of course features one of my ALL time favorite things.  Can you guess?

There are so many great videos on the internet that can instantly make you smile.  Videos of babies and dogs, to name a few.  And given how much you know I LOVE dogs… of course I had to share this video I just stumbled upon.

Let me start by saying, I adore watching my pups ears bounce when they’re walking with me each morning.  It’s so cute.  And, when we go for a car ride and they stick their heads out the window– I melt.  And laugh!  Watching their ears flop, their jaws flap… and their eye lids widen, it’s just so funny!  And I know, I think pretty much everything my dogs do is adorable.  Even just sleeping on the couch I can’t help but smile at how sweet they are!

Ok, so enough about my pups and on to this great video! This lady took three Spaniels up to Sugar Loaf in Monmouthshire, Wales recently.  And apparently the wind was pretty strong.  According to this article from Daily Mail, winds were gusting between 50 to 59 miles per hour!  I know I would have a hard time making it up the mountain with those strong winds!

I’m just oh-so-thankful that she thought to capture this on video.  It is PURE GOLD!  If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face today, I don’t know what will!

(and the fact that the title is “Ear We Go!” only makes it that much better!)

Hope you enjoyed this smile for your Thursday! And if you need some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your dog… check these out! (I love the PetCube.)

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