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Pre-show Pit Party

My Weekend Recap

Did you make it out for the Monster Truck Nitro Tour this past weekend? We did!  We went to the Saturday night show with my step daughter!

She’d been to a show years ago in Atlanta with her cousin, but she was excited to go to another.  And, don’t tell her I told you… but I’m pretty sure she had a crush on one of the drivers.  For reference– she’s 11, about to turn 12.  The driver of the Stinger Unleashed truck was 15-year-old CJ!  I will admit, the kid was impressive!

We got to the arena SUPER early, but didn’t take part in the Pit Party, but we should have!  Lots of folks came to get up close and personal with the Monster Trucks, take some photos and meet the drivers.

Since we came to the night show, we missed a few of the drivers.  Anger Management apparently had blown his engine in the 1:30 p.m. show.  They said that’s a $30,000 engine replacement– YIKES!

Night Show

So for the 7:30 p.m. show, there were only 4 competitors in the racing and freestyle portions.  There was Stinger Unleashed, Heavy Hitter, Basher and Rat Nasty.  They also had some four wheeler races.  Oh, and we can’t forget the adorable kiddie races!  Watching the little ones in those toy cars was very entertaining!

I think my favorite part was the freestyle part!  The drivers really got to show out, and one of them even turned his truck over– not intentionally!  It was a little scary watching everyone rush over with fire extinguishers (but thankfully, there was no fire).  I’m sure the driver was pretty shaken, or at least I would’ve been!  It took a little bit for them to get everything strapped up and get his truck back upright.  But, he made a good comeback!

There was also an interesting Galactron versus Reptar fight.  It actually scared me… because I wasn’t expecting the “shots” (fireworks) and such!  Although, the cars themselves were pretty cool– like Transformers!

Check out some photos, plus a couple of videos I got are at the bottom too!

A fun night at the Monster Truck Nitro Tour!