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Honestly, it’s a TOUGH Tuesday!

I’ve mentioned it a lot… but we all have our good days and bad days. Well, today was a TOUGH Tuesday for me!  Not necessarily the workout, but my mindset!

First of all, I’ve had trouble sleeping for a while now.  My mind won’t shut off… And I wake up a LOT.  I’ve tried a few different things, and even talked to my doctor about it.  I’ve finally started falling into a pretty deep sleep to start.  But, I still tend to wake up quite a bit.

Last night, I woke up a few times, and at 12:15am, I was wide awake.  I got up to use the bathroom and got back in bed.  I couldn’t get comfortable and my mind was ALL over the place.  Does that ever happen to you?  I swear I think of the most random things!  I’ll get songs stuck in my head.  I tried some breathing exercises, but I couldn’t get my mind to focus solely on my breath. One thing that has seemed to help too is Yoga Nidra! It’s called Yogic Sleep… And you don’t necessarily do it to intentionally fall asleep, but I definitely helps me!

So, I basically tossed and turned until 2:10am.  Honestly, I had my alarm set for 2:15am (yes, we get up EARLY to workout).  I got up and let the dogs out and started to get ready.

Today’s Workout

We made it to the gym about 2:50am and worked out for about an hour. I felt okay at that point, a little tired, but nothing major.  It was biceps and triceps day– and you know… my goal is to build a little muscle in my arms!  I will say, I’m starting to see a little something there!  Consistency is definitely KEY!

Once we got home, we took the dogs for a walk.  And my little Cody man hasn’t been feeling great, so we had to take it slow and cut it a little short. But, I still had a LOT of time before I had to come into the office. Even though mentally I was struggling, I decided to hit the treadmill for a run.

Got my run DONE!

I’ve been working on finishing up the Chicago Marathon on the iFit app… so I knocked that out today! They break it up into sections, thank goodness.  I’m not quite ready for a full marathon!  After that, I did a cool down and had to get in a short yoga video too!

Despite not sleeping well at all, and having a LOT on my mind, I pushed through. And let’s be honest, maybe pushed myself TOO hard.  But working out definitely helps me when I have a lot on my mind!

I finished up with my green smoothie and got ready for a busy day at work! But I couldn’t make my smoothie without sharing my blueberries with these two cuties…