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Do you make a To-Do List?

Let’s be honest. Our To-Do List can often be overwhelming.  We think by writing out EVERYTHING that needs to be done is going to be helpful.  And, some times it is.  But for those of us who struggle with anxiety, it can sometimes be too overwhelming.

And let’s face it, for most of us, the To-Do List is really never-ending. We’re always adding to it.  So, when we mark one thing off, two or three more get added.

Instead of that “To-Do” List… what if we make a switch? WIRED shared a tidbit of information from life coach, Stacy S. Kim, Ph.D.  She suggests changing your To-Do List to a “someday-maybe-later” list.

Kim says, “Set aside or postpone tasks to help remove some of the immediate stressors so you can focus.”

This isn’t the first of these types of list recommendations.  In fact, David Allen has a book called “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.” (I need to read this one…) He calls the “someday-maybe-later” list a “parking lot.” This is a place for all of your ideas and plans, but with a clear framework.  This will help you prioritize and see what you can remove, delegate, or put off til a later date.

Tips for creating your Someday-Maybe-Later List:

  • Write it out! This can be done on paper, in your planner or even digitally.  Do what works best for you!
  • Create categories– like professional, personal, people, possessions, etc.
  • Create subcategories- work, side hustle, health, spiritual, mental, family, friends, etc.
  • Tag each task- NOW, next, waiting, any time, etc.
  • Review at least once a week!

Creating this type of list can help you see the bigger picture and focus on what you can control in the moment.  It takes some of the pressure off, and helps you organize and prioritize better!

Source: WIRED