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It’s Tuesday… and I realized I totally forgot my Motivation Monday post, so instead it’s Tackle It Tuesday!

What a week it’s been already! I figured I’d share a little Tackle It Tuesday tips instead.

I’ve mentioned it before, but motivation won’t always be there.  But, one of the joys of being an adult is that sometimes you just have to get it done.  And it’s not always fun.

I’ll admit I am one of the worst procrastinators!  If there’s something I dread doing– I usually put it off til the last minute. Not always, but a good bit of the time.

So when it comes to tackling those tasks… a few things that work for me?

  1. Make a detailed to-do list.  If it’s cleaning my house, I will literally write down every task! Clean the kitchen, wipe down baseboards, clean the bathroom, vacuum, dust, etc.
  2. Set a timer.  I usually think, “This is going to take SO long!” And I’m usually WRONG!  Cleaning out the dishwasher? It takes MAYBE 5 minutes.  I like to test myself too– can I be done with all of these tasks by 11am? There’s nothing better than setting that goal… and being done by 10:30 instead.
  3. Reward yourself! This can be with anything that brings you joy (in a healthy way).  I’ll treat myself to some down time to read a book, watch an episode or two of a show… or even take a hot bath.
  4. Use the buddy system.  Ever heard of body doubling?  It’s something that works great of people with ADHD, but maybe it can help you too! Sometimes just having a friend or family member present (in-person or virtually) can help us stay on task and get things done.  They don’t have to actually help, just their presence can make a difference!
  5. Just start– and work on it for 10 minutes.  At the end of the 10 minutes, maybe you keep going… or maybe you don’t.  Either way, you’ve made SOME progress!
  6. Give yourself grace.  Some days are just HARD.  You had it all planned out, and you just can’t.

So what’s on your Tackle It Tuesday to-do list?