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So here we are!  We are a couple of weeks into 2022 and things have not started great.  There have been too many deaths so far that kicked this year off and, unfortunately, I had to deal with a personal one of my own.  If you find yourself having a rough start to this year don’t worry; it WILL get better!  Here’s how my 2022 is going so far.

My fence collaspsed.  Gusty winds in the area blew down or detached most of the fence line on one whole side of my backyard.  Luckily our neighbor is cool and is in no rush to getting a large chunk of it off of her shed.  Also, fortunately in our neighborhood all of the fences mark the property line.  After we file a claim with our homeowners insurance we’ll just have to split the final cost with our neighbor.

My Christmas tree.  Yep!  It’s still up and I don’t really care.  Out little “Letter To Santa” mailbox is still out too.  We are extremely obsessed with our cute Christmas decorations and don’t care, haha.  Also, our animals look SO CUTE in front of our tree!

Bread and Milk Sandwich Season.  We went grocery shopping not in a rush to buy break and milk for the potential winter weather.  I took a stroll down the bread aisle and it had already started happening.  The milk was starting to get slightly low also.  Good thing we like almond milk.  I might dip my bread in some this weekend.

A personal loss.  Earlier this week Chad Bennet(front of photo) passed away far too soon.  There’s definitely an empty feeling inside of me right now and there has been all week.  There’s been a dark cloud hanging over our building.  A person couldn’t have asked for a better son, brother, friend and co-worker.  Chad will be missed by so many people, and so many others will miss out on never getting a chance to meet and just have a quick chat with him.