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How Blaine Walks Her Dogs In The Cold

Yes, Blaine walks her dogs, even in the cold!

For anyone who knows me, I am NOT a fan of the cold.  I can be cold when it’s 75 degrees outside. I keep jackets and a blanket in my office at work.  I also have been known to wear a jacket all day at home.  And have plenty of blankets around the house too!

But what about when it’s FREEZING?

So, needless to say… when I saw it was about 27 degrees this morning, I was DREADING it! But, I am consistent with walking my dogs every day. (Be sure to scroll down for some pictures of them!)  They stay home a lot during the day, so getting them out for exercise each morning is important.  Even though Cody is slowing down in his old age, we still manage to get in about 1.3-1.5 miles each morning.  Yes, I religiously make sure they get a walk, no matter what.  The only times they don’t get a walk is if it’s raining– and even then, I try to find time between rain showers to get at least a quick walk in.

About this morning…

I got back from the gym, and started layering up.  My fiancé asked me if I was going to be able to move… I had THREE layers of pants on- leggings, thermal pants, and fleece pants.  I had on the t-shirt I wore to the gym, and a thermal shirt… then put on my fiancé’s big coat– we call it “big blackie,” and it’s the WARMEST coat I’ve ever put on. I also had some heat holder socks on that my mom got me for Christmas.  Then I put on my fleece face cover and beanie.  Oh, and I can’t forget my heated gloves.

It was a process!  BUT, I will say– I was pretty dang warm!  I may have looked ridiculous, but when it’s cold, I don’t care.  I will do whatever I can to stay warm! Aside from my fingers getting a little cold because the batteries died in my gloves, I was good!

Believe me, I’ve had times when it’s been SO cold it almost hurt to move.  And I just wanted to get the walk over and done with.

Okay, okay… I know you want to see the picture.

Remember– this was AFTER the walk, just check out that condensation on my face cover!  

How Blaine Walks Her Dogs Each Day

Pretty sure aside from my beanie and pink shoes… it looked like I was out to rob someone.

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