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Happy Monday!  Check out some Monday Motivation below!

It’s still early in the new year.  I hope things are off to an awesome start!  I have a lot of things on my heart, in my mind and a lot I hope to accomplish in this new year, and figured I’d share some Monday Motivation with you!

I’m BIG on personal development.  I love to read and practice new things that can help me become a better person, so I thought I’d start sharing some ideas with you every Monday.

First of all, don’t let the “motivation” part of this scare you.  You won’t ALWAYS be motivated- Lord knows I’m not.  It does take DISCIPLINE though.  Once you get into those habits, it becomes a routine.

Honestly, last week, I slept in Wednesday through Friday, instead of getting up for the gym.  I beat myself up about it, a lot.  I’m working on having more grace with myself, because I am my biggest critic, for sure.  I always take on new challenges (like the 75 Hard last year), and sometimes push myself TOO hard– which can lead to burn out.

My goal this year is to stay MINDFUL, and be more in tune with what my body needs– which is REST sometimes.

I want to encourage you to start with a morning routine.  Having a good start to the morning can really shape the rest of your day.

For me, my morning routine looks like this:

  • Gym for 45 minutes to an hour typically
  • Walk the pups for about 30 minutes
  • Run at least 3 days a week (and usually walk on the treadmill on non-run days)
  • Make my green smoothie
  • Do some yoga, and meditation
  • Get ready for work!

Don’t let my routine intimidate you though.  Again– I have good days and bad days.  I also get up SUPER early to get all this in, which means going to bed SUPER early.

The biggest thing is finding what works for you.  For me, I HAVE to do my workouts in the morning, because I make way too many excuses if I try after work.  And when it comes to working out… pick something that you enjoy, otherwise you won’t stick to it.  It doesn’t have to be FORMAL exercise either.  It can be dancing around the house, playing with the kids… anything that gets your body moving!

I also encourage you to drink more water!  After my 75 Hard Challenge, I still try to get in around a gallon a day, but definitely try to do at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces!

Check out these great ideas from The Mantra Co. on Instagram for some ideas.  Pick one or two that stand out, and just start small.  Don’t go ALL out at first, that can lead to overwhelm and giving up!

Remember– it’s a brand new week.  Time to tackle those goals and make each day count!

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