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Right about now is when my wife and I will start watching our second and third rounds of our favorite Christmas movies.  The only movie we hold off on watching until Christmas Eve is A Christmas Story.  It’s our favorite and fun fact about the scene where Flick get his tongue stuck to the poll.  There was a little hole in the poll that you couldn’t see, and a vacuum was inside the poll which was stuck in the snow.  When Flick put his tongue to the poll, it created suction giving off the appearance his tongue was stuck to the poll.  Check out some other fun Holiday movie fun facts below!

The Muppet Christmas Carol” was the first Muppet movie made(1990) after Jim Henson’s death.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” was originally suppose to have a laugh track, but Charles Schulz was against it.

The director of the original “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!” gave the Grinch a green color because that was the color of the rental car he was driving at the time.

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SOURCE: MentalFloss.com