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As a runner myself, I was definitely interested when I ran across this study from Pour Moi!

Whether you work out a lot, or you’re making plans for the New Year, this knowledge could help you out for sure.

When it comes to running for me, there’s a lot that goes into it- weather, what I’m wearing (cute workout clothes just make any workout that much better, right?), the shoes… and what you listen to.

I’ll admit, I switch things up when I run.  Sometimes I need music– other times, I like to binge podcasts (where are my True Crime fans?).

When it comes to music for my runs… honestly I don’t put that much thought into it.  But maybe I should!

Pour Moi did a study on a group of runners to see which music artists could help improve running speed! They analyzed data from over 60 runs where the runners listened to various artists to determine which artists help… and which ones slow you down!

Here are the top 10 Artists To Help Your Speed:

Well, now that I know this… looks like I need to be more strategic with my playlists! Although this particular study didn’t look into the “science” behind it… I’ve always hear that the beat of particular music can help you run a little faster.

But… if there’s music to help you run faster, there’s definitely some that can make you run slower too.


5. Katy Perry

4. Nicki Minaj

3. Doja Cat

2. BTS

And the number one artist that will have you running slower?

1. Drake


See the full study here