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Kelly Clarkson went on her show with guest This Is Us TV star Sterling K. Brown and made a serious admission, she only licks the cheese off of Doritos and doesn’t actually like the chip. Wait, what?

Kelly said on Wednesday (12/8) on The Kelly Clarkson Show, “I don’t actually like the chip of Doritos,” Brown, who copped to loving Trader Joe’s vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, asked while laughing, “You lick the chips?” Clarkson responded, “I just like the cheese, and this is the weirdest thing ever, I know, but since childhood I’m like, the chips are kind of not my favorite thing. It’s the dust on it, and so, if I ever have a little bag of it or whatever, I’ll lick them, and I’ll put them in the trash.”

Brown said, “You’re a chip licker,” and Kelly admitted, “I’m a chip licker.”

Her show posted on her Instagram page the show’s clip and asked fans, “POLL: Is Kelly’s Dorito dust obsession delicious 😋 or disgusting 🙅‍♀️?”

Fans reacted, with actress Kristen Chenowith responding, “This is the only thing that we disagree on.” Another fan said, “You missing out kelly lol,” while one fan seemed to agree writing, “I’ve done this 😂 no shame.”

See that post HERE.

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