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Blake Shelton was sitting with Ed Sheeran on a recent episode of The Voice when one contestant brought out a fiddle to play on his song. Blake took the opportunity to prove that he was right when he and Kelly Clarkson debated the issue that a violin and the fiddle are the same instruments. 

Blake said in a video posted to his Instagram, “One of the biggest debates I ever got in was with Kelly Clarkson who insisted that a fiddle and a violin were two different instruments.” The video then cuts to an earlier episode of the debate where Kelly says, “It’s a violin, but…” and Blake responds, “Good point Kelly it’s the same exact instrument,” and Clarkson shakes her head, “No it’s not.” 

 He then turns to Ed Sheeran to say, “You know that right? Like when you put strings on your records do you put violins or fiddles?” To which Ed says, “Strings.” 

Shelton’s team captioned the video on Instagram, “Strings/Strangs… Fiddle/Violin… It’s all the same @KellyClarkson!! #TheVoice #TeamBlake.”

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The dictionary’s definition of a fiddle is this: A fiddle is a bowed string musical instrument, most often a violin. It is a colloquial term for the violin, used by players in all genres including classical music. 

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