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By now, you all know how much I love dogs.  They’re just so great!

So, when I see a great dog video, I have to share!

This video is going viral on TikTok!  This dog’s reaction to its owner rejecting her kiss is priceless.

In this simple, short video by Peachesandbean, you can see the creator lying in bed with her dog next to her.  Her adorable, fluffy pup named Rosie leans forward to lick her face.  Peaches doesn’t respond.

Rosie, a cross between a Springer Spaniel and Shiba Inu, appears to be confused.  She waits a few seconds before hitting Peaches with her paw.

I can’t help but agree with the caption, “major tude”


Honestly, I can definitely relate.  My two pups DEMAND attention!  My lab will paw at me, or wedge his nose under my arm and push to get my attention.  My pit mix is a whole different level of needy!  She weighs around 105 pounds, but believes she’s a lap dog.  She’ll stand by my recliner with those puppy eyes until I let her up with me… and then collapses on me like a sack of potatoes! She also does the whole nudge thing and paws at me when she needs love. And at night, you better believe she is going to have her entire body up next to me to sleep.  Heaven forbid I make her move– because she is going to huff and puff about it!

I will have to see if I can’t catch some of their needy, sassy-ness on camera at some point.


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