National Beer Day

Beer Lovers… it’s time to celebrate! Today is American Beer Day!  Beer makes it’s appearance in so many situations- after a long hard day at work, at cook outs, tailgating, any sports event. So, the question is… which beer is the most popular?

The Beer Report

Top Agency took a look at beer consumption across the country. The site found some interesting statistics on how the pandemic has affected our drinking habits.

Consumption of alcohol has increased, with almost 24% of respondents drinking 20 or more beers a month. The sale of alcohol has also seen an increase since the beginning of the pandemic.  Sales have gone up 8.92%,

Most Popular Beer

Which beers have been the most popular and helped us through the pandemic?

Surprisingly… Budweiser has won the top spot overall. It’s the number one beer in 23 of the 50 states!

For Georgia, we actually see Terrapin in the number one spot, with Stella at number 2.  Budweiser ranked third in the state, with Heineken and Bud Light rounding out the top 5.

For South Carolina, Budweiser was king, coming in at number one.  Bud Light follows at number two.  To round out the top 5, you have Westbrook, Miller Lite and Heineken.

Other Beer Facts

Other interesting facts from the beer report include an increase in microbrews seeing more popularity.  Also, light beers have also become prevalent, perhaps showing an increase in demand for lower-alcohol options.

Got a beer lover in your life?

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Our Favorite Beers in Georgia and South Carolina