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Penn Badgley visits the SiriusXM Studios on January 8, 2020 in New York City. Cardi B attends the Kate Moss High Jewelry Fashion Show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring Summer 2022 at Hotel Ritz on October 03, 2021 in Paris, France.

Cardi B and Penn Badgley’s newly formed friendship via Twitter is something we never would have seen coming. And yet, it’s everything.

The rapper and You actor started when Cardi saw a video in which Penn praised her social media profiles, saying that she has “an authentic relationship” with these platforms. As he put it in a below clip, “To me, it’s this incredibly nuanced place to be, and despite what many might judge as antics, I feel she has an incredibly authentic relationship to that, and I think that’s why people like her so much.”

Cardi, 29, then proved his point when she commented on the clip, “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!!Yoooo like I’m famous famous.”

Of course, Penn, 34, saw her response and was left speechless. He literally could only say, “I—” The Gossip Girl alum then changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of a blue-haired Cardi B, further cementing his stan status.

Once Cardi saw this, she hilariously responded by sharing a video of a kid looking at a camera and asking his mom, “Is that you? Is that me?” She played along by also changing her profile to an image of his You character Joe Goldberg as he creepily stares out the window.


Fans went wild over the pair swapping photos on Twitter, with this person perfectly summing it up by saying, “penn badgley and cardi b changing their profile pics to each other is literally killing me???”

Penn previously shared that he feels overwhelmed by social media, so this interaction with Cardi B is major. Per E!, he previously shared that he felt that the “most meaningful contribution I have to make as an individual is on these platforms,” reasoning that he should use his fame to uplift others.

“And in trying to have a pure intention and honest interaction on these spaces, I also found that I was completely overwhelmed by being conscious of how many likes or retweets or whatever,” he explained. “It was such a convoluted way to be like, ‘acting.'” In the process, he realized, “It was not the most fulfilling or meaningful contribution that I could make as an individual seeking to better the world.”

That doesn’t mean that Penn doesn’t know how to make his followers laugh; in a recent interaction, a fan tweeted, “@PennBadgley ayoooo kidnap me,” to which he joked, “Idk why but when ‘kidnap me’ is prefaced by ‘ayoooo’ it has a completely different ring to it and I’m not mad.”