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My wife and I bought our first half just before everything shut down in 2020.  We took it as a good sign because it meant we wouldn’t be distracted by too many things and we can just focus on unpacking and getting our house in order.  Well, when we were cleaning the upstairs closet we found some sort of stuffed rabbit and a picture of who we assume was either the elderly woman that lived in that house before us or a family member or friend of the woman who lived there before us.  Regardless, given how old the picture looked we sort of assumed the woman in the picture had passed away.  It felt a little creepy though.

We ended up burying the picture under the rose bush that was already in the yard so we wouldn’t be haunted, haha.  Six weeks later that picture surfaced.  Was it rain?  Did an animal dig it up?  Was it a spirit?  I ended up just throwing it away and since then nothing creepy has happened.  A new homeowner in England can’t say the same thing after finding an old doll with a creepy note attached to it in his WALLS.  Was it a prank?  Probably.  But you can never rule out those spirits this time of year!  Check it out below.