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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 06: Will Smith attends Paramount Pictures' premiere of "Gemini Man" on October 06, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Want to work. out with Will Smith? Now you can.

Fitbit premium is offering workout sessions guided by Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith.

Take Smith along with you during your fitness journey in six separate sessions highlighting all parts of your body. Smith’s program titled “StrongWill” will capture six key components including segments called Bodyweight Strength, Core Challenge, “Find Your Center,” Mobility Flow Yoga, “Let’s Go Cardio!,” per Google.

As Smith previously mentioned in a viral Instagram post, taking care of his body is the number one priority. “I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body.”

These guided segments are exclusively through Fitbit premium and can be done at home with no requirement of equipment or gym membership to start.

Watch Will Smith’s Fitbit video below.